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 Go Skylights   

Body Corporate                                               More Natural Light, Less Heat!

Rates & Services For Body Corporate Managers

For Buildings With..
 Service Call Fee
1 Skylight
 $88.00 Each
 2 - 3 Skylights
 $66.00 Each
 4 + Skylights
 $55.00 Each

Inclusions of Service Call Fee...

  • Inspection of skylight/s to assess condition

  • Cleaning of debris from around skylight

  • Cleaning of domes (if domes are strong enough)

  • Re-seal skylight/s where necessary

Optional Extras..

  • Rust converting and/or lanotech protection of metallic surfaces.There is a fee of $11 per skylight on top of the service call fee.

  • If any additional parts are required (e.g. domes and trims) to repair, 20% off parts purchased.

  • For skylights bigger than 500mm x 500mm, safety barriers are available.They fit neatly under the domes and are of galvanised steel construction. Prices start from $298.00 each.